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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Boater turned gardener

What can I do when, due to being a working girl again, I can’t go cruising? Here’s the answer…

veggies 2013

Turn to gardening and save some of my hard earned dosh by growing my own veggies! This picture shows my salad leaves (slow due to little sun), carrots, sugar snap peas, radishes (had one harvest of radishes already, more seeds planted) and spring onions. I also have tomatoes growing in a hanging basket and some chives. For colour I have these…

flowers on new mooring

And these…

springtime bon

Bonny is adjusting very well to being left while I work. This is mostly how she spends her time…

sleeping work hours away

I too am adjusting to work. I love the work itself but trying to fit my life in as well is proving a challenge! Poor Stan is being neglected and has to do with an occasional meal out rather than a weekly one. I see Jan more as she is doing me huge favours like taking Bonny out if I’m away for more than 4 hours and even ironing my uniform – bless her.

This is a very different year, as this time last year I had embarked on my 3 month cruise in almost constant rain. Now I am tethered to the bank and the last week has brought almost constant sun. Hey ho!